Sunday, July 28, 2013

Kavinsky - Odd Look ft the Weeknd & A-Trak remix

Kavinsky just released his new EP Odd Look. As one can expect it is filled with classic 80s synth with some dark overtones. Whenever I think of Kavinsky I am reminded of the opening scene in Drive with the night time cityscape shots. The Weeknd's voice is a solid overlay to this dark electro pop song that helps take it to the next level. So far this track has already been remixed by some big names including A-Trak and Surkin and I am sure that the rest of his EP will be no different.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Jack Magma - Super Powers

Jack Magma is a new up and comer out of Buffalo. He has an eclectic style nu wave synth that I would classify and a electronic synth nu wave funk, some pretty wild stuff. Jack has an EP An Electric Purple coming out sometime some. Jack has signed on Jai Paul as his produce for the EP so you can be sure to expect some big things from this guy in the near future.

Bon Iver Remixes - The Hood Internet & Kill Them With Colour

So i have to say that I never listened to much Bon Iver in the past. I know I know, he's all famous and shit and I should know his stuff, but it just seemed to depressing so I never gave it a chance. That is, until now. I first had my interested peaked by The Hood Internet remix. The track has a nice mellow vibe but still have an peppy little snare and and synth melody. It's a nice tune to wake up to in the morning. The Kill Them With Colour remix however is a little bit more upbeat with its drum roll and eventually mas with Ini Kamoze's "Here comes the Hotstepper. To be honest I was so pleased when that Ini'track blended in. The song already had a really nice vibe going for it and to blend in here comes the hotstepper just seemed totally out of the blue. But after a few run listens I started really getting into it. now i feel it just adds that certain je ne sais quoi.

Friday, July 26, 2013

AlunaGeorge - You Know You Like It (Dj Snake Remix)

Aluna George is a electronic duo from London who have been together since 2009. The duo consist of Aluna Francis (vocals) and George Reid (production). The group is releasing their first album at the end of July called Body Music. So far they are having a lot of success and the album hasn't even been released yet. There have also been some great remixes of their tracks. One by trap music superstar Baauer and also my personal favorite, the DJ Snake remix, featured below. This track reminds me a lot of another trap remix of No Doubt by Baauer.

Chromatics - Ceremony (New Order Cover) [ft. Ida No]

Chromatics have always been a great band to sit back and mellow out to. Lately here in Prague, it is been too hot to move. So a good track to sit back and chill out to is just what the doctor ordered. I was riding my bike home from work the other day and this track came on and immediately all the stress from the office just started to melt away once the hazy beat and melodic guitar rhythm come in. Chromatics have always been up there on my list, but they haven't been producing many tracks that really get me going until this remix of New Order's (or Joy Division, depends on who you're asking) track Ceremony. The original track(s) are great too, but there is something about Ruth Radelet's voice that adds something special to it. So sit back,  let your day melt away and enjoy!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

John Wizards - Lusaka By Night

John Wizards is a band that was started by a chance meeting in Cape Town, South Africa. The lead singer Emmanuel Nzaramba, met the other producer/ lead guitarist John Withers while working as a car guard in Cape Town. Emmanuel noticed the guitar strapped to John's back and the two starting speaking about music and then eventually ended up living on the same street as each other. John invited E to check out a local reggae band playing and although E didn't like the band much he did like some of the new music that John had written and began listening to some of the tracks and making lyrics for them. The product of these fruitful meetings are on their debut album and the song below. Enjoy!

Joywave - Tongues (feat KOPPS) The Hood Internet Remix

I just got back from a 2 week vacation that spanned across three counties and countless amounts of booze, fun and sun. After this trip one thing is for sure (or well two if you count my sunburn), this song was the highlight of it. Driving south from the Czech Republic down to the Austrian alps for a short modeling gig, then to lake bled in Slovenia for a little small town r&r and finally to the rocky shores of Croatia. All in all it was around a 20 hour drive down and back so we definitely needed something with a rockin beat to keep us going. Needless to say The Hood Internet delivered again. These Chicago natives have been bringing the heat for years and it looks like this summer they are planning some record breaking highs.