Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Justin Timberlake – Cabaret (Feat. Drake) (Prod. Timbaland)


Got a bunch of old girls that I threw away for ya
I been in the gym doing two a days for ya
So I can lift ya up when I do the thang to ya
Do do the thing to ya
Girl, truth be told

Part 2 of 2 of the 20/20 Experience will be hitting the shelves next Monday. JT has already released 2 tracks from the upcoming album, TKO and Cabaret  for free in preparation for the upcoming album release. The most anticipated track off the album is Cabaret ft. Toronto's own Drake. While Drake's minute long verse is not quite a satisfying time slot as one would have hoped for Drake, but I he's on the track, so I can't complain too much. You can also stream the full album for free courtesy of  iTunes.

Heavenly Beat – Complete

Heavenly Beat is a work of former Beach Fossil member John Pena. This is his second album release in as many years. This Texas native is no stranger to making some smooth music as his displays in his new track Complete. The track is off to a good start right off the bat with a mellow, but catchy beat that gets your toes tapping. Then out of no where the steel drum section comes in a takes it to the next level. I have to say that this grew and grew on me through the duration of it and although I had never heard John Pena's solo work before, I am an instant fan, hopefully you will be too!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Chromeo - Over Your Shoulder

All the grass is greener everywhere you look
So many girls our there I could write a book
That one’s ass is leaner
This one’s like Serena
But I think your silhouette is meaner

For all you Chromeo fans out there some good news is around the corner. With no official release date yet, Chromeo is still giving a little sneak peak at what's to come in the near future. Their new album titles 'White Women' has just had its debut track Over Your Shoulder released. In typical Chromeo fashion the song is about letting a girl know that she got what she needs right in front of her in the form of Dave 1 and P-Thug. As you might expect, Chromeo does not disappoint with electro synth pop master piece Over Your Shoulder. So sit back, crank it up and enjoy!t i 


Yeah Boy, the side project of Parachute Youth’s Johnny Castro is gearing up to release debut track ‘Can’t Get Enough’ on 6th October via Baked Goods. The fruitful product of Castro teaming up Stefan Abingdon when the two became acquainted in their hometown of Putney, ‘Can’t Get Enough’ is a fresh and funky, feel-good track.
‘Can’t Get Enough’ combines uplifting vocals with an easy-going beat that just oozes summer vibes. A light funk guitar sample bounces around the beat while a catchy piano melody provides the glue; there’s more to this tune than first appears. Extremely infectious but by no means oversimplified, the blissful melodies and groovy guitar samples coalesce flawlessly to produce this fun, harmonious debut from Yeah Boy.
Johnny and Stefan have already seen wild success in their previous projects, including a number two position on the iTunes music charts and millions of hits on their Youtube channel, respectively. Although just at the start of Yeah Boy’s musical journey, ‘Can’t Get Enough’ will be followed by an EP, which is sure to not disappoint.

Foxygen – Shuggie

Foxygen is coming out with another brilliant track, which sounds like it was found on some old 60s vinyl. However, Foxygen, is anything but old. The band started in 2005, but did not get much attention until their Take the Kids Off Broadway EP in 2011. Foxygen sound is right out of the avante guard psychedelic movement of the 60s, but put into a modern day context to keep it fresh. With an androgenous lead sounding lead singer who seems to resemble Dylan's wispy lyrical format, Foxygen give you a feeling of sitting somewhere in the past, but with all the modern comforts of today. Shuggie, is a complex track with almost 4 completely separate parts that seems to have little if any correlation to each other. However, they come together to create a truly unique an enjoyable track.

Sam Smith - Safe With Me (Marce Reazon Remix)

Sam Smith has been blowing up on the scene earlier this summer with his track 'Safe With Me'. Smith is part of the resurgence of high quality UK R&B and I gotta say i'm a real sucker for some good R&B. Sam's emotional lyrics and haunting background melody help to make a name for this track, but for me it is the New Yorker Marce Reazon remix which really enhances the song with its pulsing 808 beat to help give the song a little more bounce. I am looking forward to seeing what else Mr. Smith has in store for us down the road.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Alex Cheatle - Sweet Loving(ft. Star Slinger & Flume)

Alex Cheatle is a 19 singer out of the UK with some serious talent. Besides taking a genius track from Star Slinger and reinvigorating it with her sweet pop voice, she was also the youngest person ever to win the UK's Make It or Break It award in 2009. Star Slinger's original track Mornin' is a spacey mix of cuts and samples that come together to create a airy summer vibe that just makes you feel good. The addition of Cheatle's catchy lyrics makes it the perfect track for a Sunday morning after a long weekend of festivals, concerts, friends and burcak.

Dale Earnhardt jr jr - War Zone

Dale Earnhardt jrjr is an indie pop group out of Detroit, Michigan. The group formed back in 2010 and has been running strong for 2 years now. The track War Zone is on their up coming album "The Speed of Things", which will be released on October 8th.

Scavenger Hunt - Lost

Scavenger Hunt is an electro dream pop duo out of L.A. that is comprised of lead singer Jill Lameroux and producer Dan Mufson. Dan is a Kansas native who has been producing music for some time now. He has also been composer of jingles for many well respected companies. Jill and Dan met while Dan was visiting an Irish Pub in L.A. that Jill was singing at. Dan was impressed by what he heard and asked her if she wanted to work with him on a few jingles. After working together for sometime the two found that they enjoyed their creative relationship and decided to make some more beautiful music together. The result: Scavenger Hunt.

Flex Cop - This is not Meth

Here's a little something for all of you Breaking Bad fans out there. Flex Cop's track this is not Meth is a tribute to the BB episode of the same name and should probably come with a warning to let you know that while it's not Meth, it is still HIGHLY addictive. Although the topic of meth never seems to be a bright one, Flex Cop has been able to shine some light on it with this soul infused lighthearted end of summer track.