Sunday, October 6, 2013

Twin Shadows - Beg for the Night

Twin Shadows is a the synthpop creation of George Lewis Jr. He released his first album under the name Twin Shadows back in 2010  Forget and then his second album in 2012 Confess.

I hadn't listened Twin shadows since his last album came out until yesterday. I was at my friends flat for a late breakfast after picking up a haul at the farmers market and I couldn't help but notice Twin Shadows Confess vinyl playing on the stereo. I had forgotten how good of an album that it was and how nice a compliment to the sea buckthorne mimosas and other grub splayed across the table.

Something about his brand of upbeat broody new wave synthpop always seems to catch my ears. I also can't help but appreciate his music video style. It is like something out of The Warriors and holding tight with a true 80s vibe. Check it out for yourself below.

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